The Turbo3Dryer T3D Compact is a revolutionary helmet dryer that has been designed, developed and built by race drivers for race drivers and bike riders

Manufactured in Spain, the T3D Compact helmet dryer is 3D printed for maximum precision and will effectively reduce dampness and remove odours in your helmet in a fraction of the time compared to conventional air drying. 

Weighing just 430g, it is portable and fits inside your helmet for easy storage, and can also be brought around conveniently. 

Operating it is straightforward and simple, plug the T3D Compact into an electrical point, place the unit on a sturdy surface and place the helmet (with or without a HANS-device) on it before switching it on. The powerful built-in fan will then rapidly dry and ventilate fresh cool air into the helmet, ensuring all moisture and odours are reduced to a minimum, leaving you a clean, dry and fresh helmet. 

The Turbo3Dryer T3D Compact is ready to use right out of the box and comes in 18 exciting colours to suit your needs!


Recommended for professional and amateur racing drivers and riders, track day enthusiasts, and road riders.

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